Halifax Fire & Rescue


P.O. Box 397

Halifax, North Carolina 27839

Mailing Address:

Halifax Fire & Rescue

PO Box 397

Halifax, NC 27839

e-mail: halifaxfirerescue@embarqmail.com



Physical Address:

Halifax Fire & Rescue

Station  A

110 Bradley Drive

Halifax, NC 27839

Fax # 252-583-6111



Halifax Fire & Rescue

Station  B

71 Industrial Drive

Halifax, NC  27839

Phone # 252-536-9941


About Us

The Halifax Fire & Rescue Department is a non-profit incorporated organization, with an all volunteer membership.  We provide fire suppression, education and limited rescue services to the Town of Halifax and a surrounding six mile District.  Our response district includes residential communities, numerous County and State Facilities, two schools, a small and growing industrial park and a new regional airport.  We also cover three major corridors, approximately eleven miles of I-95, approximately 12 miles of US 301 and approximately 12 miles of the main East coast CSX rail corridor. We operate two stations, our main station located in town and our substation located in the industrial park.    


Halifax Fire & Rescue has an ISO (Insurance Services Offices) of six (6).  The I.S.O. rating of a community has a direct effect on the insurance premiums that individuals pay on their homes and especially on commercial buildings.  The lower the I.S.O. rating on a scale of 1 to 10, the better the insurance rates are (generally).  The I.S.O. reviews three areas primarily - the Fire Department; the City water main & hydrant capabilities; and 9-1-1 dispatch & paging services.