Departmental Contacts:


Heather Joyner

911 Communications Supervisor

252-583-2390     Fax: 252-583-2490




Phil Ricks

EMS Director

252-583-2088     Fax: 252-583-2435




Tina Hinton

Emergency Mgmt Coordinator

252-583-2031     Fax: 252-583-2435




Halifax County E-911 Central Communications

24x7 Non-Emergency Numbers

252-583-1991 and 252-583-1382






The Communications Center provides 24-hour dispatching services for all Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services in Halifax County.  The Communications Center serves a population consisting of over 56,000 people spanning an area of 756 square miles.  Telecommunicators perform various duties such as receiving emergency and non-emergency calls for public service via computerized E-911 equipment, dispatching appropriate resources utilizing a computer aided dispatch (CAD) system and automated mapping system, maintaining activity status records of resource units, providing emergency medical pre-arrival instructions, serving as an information resource to response units and the general public, operating radio transmitters in accordance with FCC rules and regulations, communicating by computer with mobile data computers and maintaining electronic data files.  Telecommunicators work on a 12-hour, day/night rotating dupont schedule.


Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) - Visionair                              ProQA & Aqua - Priority Dispatch

Mapping - Geolynx - GeoComm                                                     Logging Recorder - Nice Systems                                    

E-911 Telephone System - Plant CML - Rescue Star               Console Furniture - XYBIX    

Radio System - Motorola - Wireless Communications                Technical Lead & Solutions - The Soundside Group   

MSAG - 911 Switch - CenturyLink/Embarq                                  Consultant & Phase II Engineer - L. Robert Kimball & Assoc.



Serviced Agencies:

Countywide Departmental Services for Halifax County Probation & Parole, Halifax County Animal Control, Department of Social Services, Juvenile Services, NC State Highway Patrol and Municiple Public Utilities.

Law Enforcement Agencies Serviced:


Halifax County Sheriffs Office                                        Roanoke Rapids Police Dept.                                       Weldon Police Dept.

Sheriff Jeff Frazier                                                  Police Chief Jeff Hinton                                       Police Chief Mark Macon

Office: 252-583-8201                                                     Office: 252-533-2817                                                 Office: 252-536-3136



Scotland Neck Police Dept.                                    Enfield Police Dept.                                             Littleton Police Dept.                      

Police Chief Joe Williams                                        Police Chief Eddie Buffaloe                                 Police Chief Mike Suggs

Office: 252-826-4112                                                     Office: 252-445-5122                                                 Office: 252-586-3413



Hobgood Police Dept.                                              Medoc Mountain State Park

Chief Melton "Cookie" Graham                             Superintendent Bill Meyer

Office: 252-826-5911                                           Office: 252-586-6588



Countywide Fire Services:

Darlington Fire Dept.                             Davie Fire Dept.                                  Enfield Fire Dept.                             Arcola Fire Dept.

Chief Mike Hale                                      Chief David Padgett                           Chief Ronnie Locke                         Chief Gary Harris

252-583-3161   Fax: 583-3161                 252-537-4816   Fax: 537-7836            252-445-4161   Fax: 445-2165         252-257-1112   Fax: 257-1112




Halifax Fire & Rescue                             Hobgood Fire                                       Rheasville Fire                                  Scotland Neck Fire Dept.  

Chief Ed Johnson                                    Chief Joe Williams                                Chief Ricky Cobb                            Chief Patrick Staton

252-308-3501   Fax: 583-6111                 252-536-8112   Fax: 826-5601             252-537-9151   Fax: 533-2988         252-826-3406   Fax: 533-2988






Tillery Fire Dept.                                     Weldon Fire Dept.                               Roanoke Rapids Fire Dept.              Littleton Fire Dept.

Chief Jarold Harrell                                 Chief "Rusty" Bolt                               Chief Gary Corbet                            Chief Lee Myrick

252-826-2434   Fax: 826-4304                 252-536-4655   Fax: 536-2362             252-533-2880   Fax: 533-2878          252-586-4513   Fax: 586-6592




Forestry Services

252-826-3219   Fax: 826-2575



Every family needs to have enough food, water and personal hygiene items to live on their own for at least three days; I recommend you prepare for seven days or more.  Know where you will go if you must evacuate, have a point of contact out-of-state for family members to call if they get separated and include your pets in your plans as many shelters do not accept pets.


If you are aware of functionally or medically fragile persons in your community, help them with the development of a plan for their safety.  Local emergency management agencies are good points of contact; for more information or assistance in planning call the Halifax County Office of Emergency Management 252-583-2031. 

Much of the work we do in the Division of Emergency Management is planning, preparing, training and organizing response capability for disasters. We also work with our partners at the local, state and federal levels of government to develop and provide recovery assistance in the aftermath of disasters. I urge you to do the same planning with your family.

Halifax County Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Management Coordinator, Tina Hinton

Facts - When should you call 9-1-1?

Nine-one-one is to be used ONLY in emergency situations.  An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police/sheriff, the fire department or an ambulance.  If you are ever in doubt of whether a situation is an emergency you should call 9-1-1.  It's better to be safe and let the 9-1-1 call taker determine and assist you.

Examples of When to Call 9-1-1:

Do not call 9-1-1

Communications Shift Supervisors


Nicole Padgett



Ashley Sparks



April Rolfe



Henry Hedgepeth



CALL 252-583-4444


or email


County Website:
Physical Address:
10 North King Street
Halifax, NC 27839
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 677
Halifax, NC 27839

Halifax County Emergency Operations Plan 2009



In the event of a FIRE Emergency,

always dial 9-1-1